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About me.

2012-06-13 18:11:55 by Rahksha

I feel like my about me thing wasn't representative of who I am, so I'll say more about it here. Since I don't make news posts, I figure this will stay up fairly long.


Like I said, if you've seen a review of mine and was angry/sad/happy/anxious/whatever and you want to say it to me personally, feel free to message me. I'm open to criticism and am happy to discuss points of view or any questions with anyone.


I need to clear this up before it haunts me, but just because I favorite something, does not mean its my favorite (except for solipskier, f'kin love that game). It just means I was in the mood (or I remembered) to favorite it. If I give something a good review, then consider that my favorite. As for my favorite list... don't mind it, please. It's very dirty and old... and unused.


I don't like to submit things. I personally am not very artistic and prefer to express myself in words like a boring person (sorry).

My one music entry:

You can read the description of the track, if you want to, but I can assure you its not a very good song. My sister and I made the song on Garageband a long time ago, and since I didn't know, at the time, how to send it to her the easy way, I posted this up in the hopes that she could show her friends, and I, mine anytime we wanted to. Although this completely contradicts me saying "I don't upload music," I can assure you it was a one-time thing. Haha.


I prefer to keep my identity, apart from my name, a secret. I don't particularly enjoy networking on this site, because half of them are spammers or children under the age of 15. It's nothing against Newgrounds or its fanbase, because thats how I am in any gaming community. After all, you never know...


I love that Newgrounds isn't just limited to media, and that it includes paintings, drawings, and other similar sources of art. However, you'll probably never see me review it. Mainly because I don't find it that interesting. It's a sad thing, I know, but that's just how I am. If I'm ever in the neighborhood for any reason, I'll probably rate (I have to contribute to the community somehow, right?) one or two things, but that's it. Honestly.

My one art entry:

I was in the mood. If you follow enough of the stuff I do, which I doubt you won't, no hard feelings, you'll realize I do things out of character or sporadically. Its simply because I like to have variety in my life. Doesn't everyone, after all?


I am verbose, I try to be fair, and I'm currently in college. I'm going to be finishing up my undergraduate work this semester and receiving my bachelor's in cytotechnology and physiology. Shortly thereafter, I'll be going to IUMS. Fun shit. Also why I don't animate, draw, or sing (anymore). Why I am I telling you this, when I just said I don't like to give away personal information? Well, I do minor in english, and I know very well the impact a person's authority can have on his articles. Maybe I'm just making it up, or maybe I really am in college. But regardless, it's the internet, and you'll never know! Muahahaha!

Anyway, if you have any questions regarding religious views, sexuality, political views, etc. I'll say NOTHING! I don't believe any of these qualities matter in a person, and thus they're none of your business. Sorry. However, if you have a question on something that I didn't cover here then comment on this news post. I'll be more than happy to answer!

About me.


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